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  • if you own a van, a hgv truck, a minibus, a forklift, any commercial vehicle or even a boat?
  • you can become a driver for taxivan....
  • be your own boss, and earn 60% of the total jobs value!
what's needed to qualify

here's what you need to qualify as an owner driver for taxivan

shouldn't be too hard eh?


you need to own a commercial vehicle to qualify. a swb, mwb or lwb van. a minibus. a hgv truck or forklift. we may consider other types of vehicles


all our owner drivers are expected to be courteous and respectful towards our customers. they are also expected to do a highly professional job


we are a full service delivery and removal company. all our drivers are expected to be fit and strong, and capable of lifting heavy items


an excellent command of the english language is very important


we need owner drivers that are flexible with their time and can be available for local deliveries at short notice


most of our deliveries take place around london and the south east of england. our drivers need to be based locally

what's the benefits of being an owner driver with taxivan

well, where do we start....

who's the boss?

you are your own boss and fully responsible for your own income


you have complete flexibility on when and where you want to work. if you're not available for a job, it's no problem


we pay a highly competitive rate of 60% of the entire job value. you also get to keep all tips

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